Solo Ski.. HD

Gear up infinite patience and courage to set out on an endless skiing adventure!!!

In this game you can become a skiing master. Draw the path and control yourself to keep balance and escape from some dangerous obstacles. Even having fun in skiing is not as easy as you think. Solo Ski will give you a difficult time!

There are some ramps along your way. A surprise package of various colored poles will keep you puzzled during your adventurous voyage.

Slope your way through the Snowy Features:

* Unlimited gameplay
* 4 colored poles : Red, Green, Blue and Pink
* Green pole slows down your speed
* Blue pole increases the speed
* Red pole acts dual in nature; it either awards you some points and cuts down some from your total
* Pink pole will end the game and so does the static obstacles (Wall)

Thrust yourself into the game and perform tricks in this skiing action game. Solo Ski brings to you more chills and thrills that you can possibly handle. The game is enabled with Game Centre and OpenFeint for scoring.

So pull up your sleeves and get ready for an enthralling expedition. Good luck, brave ski runner!

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