Do you like Solitaire? Or do you prefer classic card?
Then select the game! This game will bring you new feelings. What? You have not played solitaire? Solitaire is a developing intellectual game, Can play an effective exercise logical reasoning ability, and enhance the flexibility of the brain.

Basic Rules:
The game is divided into eight different scoring methods;
1.Draw one, Highest standard scoring score;
2.Draw one, Hight Standard Score with Timing Game On;
3.Draw one, Highest Vegas scoring score;
4.Draw one, Highest Vegas scoring accumulated score;
5.Draw three, Highest standard score;
6.Draw three, Hight Standard Score with Timing Game On;
7.Draw three, Highest Vegas scoring score;
8.Draw three, Highest Vegas scoring accumulated score;

Players can select a scoring way to challenge their own card game, And contrast scores through Game Center and global players, See who is one of the way of scoring king.
Although only 52 cards and 7 stacks of cards Licensing Board is ever-changing, so is a good way to exercise their brains.

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