Solebon Solitaire

The premium solitaire suite for refined solitaire players: clear cards, clean interface, lots of features, no distractions.

• 50 games
• Easy-to-read cards
• Simple tap card movement
• Reversing layouts
• Foundation autoplay
• Unlimited undo
• Rules for all games
• Multiple statistics
• Timer
• Scoring
• Moves tracking
• Color preferences
• Speed preferences

Accordion, Aces Up, Agnew Sorel, Ambrose*, Askew*, Baker’s Game, Baker’s Game Easy, Beleaguered Castle, Blind Alleys, Bouquet, Busy Aces, Colorado, Creepy Crawly*, Demon, Doublets, Easthaven, Eight Off, Eight Off Easy, Fanny, Fanny Easy, Fortune’s Favor, Four Seasons, Fourteen Out, Free Cell, Free Cell Easy, Golf, Honeybees*, Klondike Deal 1, Klondike Deal 3, La Belle Lucie, Lady of the Manor, Monte Carlo, Pas Seul, Penguin, Provisional*, Pyramid, Pyramid Easy, Russian Revolver*, Scorpion, Single Rail, Spiderette, Spiderling, Spiderling 2 Suits, Spiderling 4 Suits, Thumb and Pouch, Triple Mulligan*, Vertical, Whitehead, Will o’ Wisp, Yukon. (* indicates our own original games.)


Best Card Game, 2011 Nominee
Best Traditional Game, 2008 Nominee
– Awards

5/5: “It’s sheer refinement sets it apart from the crowd…a must for solitaire addicts.”
– Games Uncovered

“One of the most comprehensive solitaire experiences available on the iPhone.”
– Pixelated Geek

“40 reasons to shun human interaction.”
– Tap Critic

We’ve been making solitaire games for over 15 years. With millions of satisfied players, Smallware knows what true gurus like in their solitaire.

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