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SolaRola Review

SolaRola started its life as a physics platformer that came out in 2008 for non-smart phones. Square Enix, best known for their RPGs, has decided to breathe new life into the game by re-releasing for iOS. How does it measure up in today’s gaming landscape?

Pretty well, actually. SolaRola is addictive and adorable, with plenty of appeal to gamers of all stripes. The objective is to guide two highly energetic blobs named Wiz and Waz across many difficult planets in an attempt to save the galaxy. Sure, the plot is a great big cliché, but that’s kind of expected. While a more unique plot would be nice, the game is enjoyable in its own right, thanks in large part to its cartoonish animations, clever obstacles, and excellent use of touch and motion controls.

One happy-go-lucky blob.

The game offers you the choice of tilt and traditional button controls, and both work well. Although the premise of the game is simple, the enemies and hazards offer a decent challenge. Thanks to slime, bats, grimy creatures with blades, and a dozen other hazards and monsters, making it through most of the levels in one piece is tough.

Despite being classified as a ‘casual’ game, SolaRola includes challenges that would appeal to more advanced players as well. To help out novices, however, levels often include hints to point you in the right direction. The story, told in comic-book format between levels, looks great and gives the game character and charm.

We were certainly skeptical of SolaRola’s simplicity when we first started playing, but the game quickly grew on us. It’s full of challenges and comic appeal, and it’s easy enough for gamers of all ages. Even if you’ve played SolaRola before, you’ll probably enjoy replaying it on iOS. Our only recommendation is to turn down the volume because the sound is, shall we say, lacking.