Soda Shake


Enjoy with “Soda Shake” App!

You can enjoy this AWESOME app anytime anywhere with your friends and family.

* Simple, addictive gameplay.
* Fanstastic game sound!
* You can play “Soda Shake” App with your friends and family in competition.
* You can compete the time of opening Soda bottle with them.
* Be a Champion of the Shaking!!
* The shaking motion will help you gain forearm strength and stamina, all through the convenience of your iPhone!

* Maximum 4 users can play with shaking, the goal of this game is to open the bottle of Soda by shaking your iPhone/iPod Touch.
* When you shake your iPhone, you can see the animation of the Soda and very fun sounds together.
* You can see your ranking at the end of the game.

* Please play “Soda Shake” with care. When shaking your iPhone, be sure to hold on tight and watch your surroundings. It can be really easy to accidentally throw your iPhone and brake it. Even worse, you could sit somebody or something.

When you shake your iPhone, you can see the animation of the coke and very fun sounds together.


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