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Social Line Connect is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Social Line Connect First Look

Social Line Connect, the first game to use socialDeck’s community gaming platform, has hit the App Store as a free download. We interviewed Jeson Patel of socialDeck a month or so ago to learn about socialDeck’s plans for the iPhone, which is one of the firm’s two main platforms at the moment (along with Facebook).

We gave Social Line Connect a whirl to see how the user experience stacks up. We wouldn’t call the signup process from the iPhone seamless–it involves sending and receiving a few text messages and entering a code–but it’s not difficult, either. Once you’ve got your profile loaded, though, socialDeck’s technology takes over and makes everything easy. You can play a simple game resembling Connect Four against friends who are signed up, against randoms, or even against people who are currently online. Most games are asynchronous, but if you’re playing enough games at once, there’s plenty of action to be had. It’s also a simple matter to start a chat with your opponent, or to invite friends from your iPhone’s Contacts via text message (although the game has no way of knowing who actually has an iPhone).

We haven’t played that much yet, but we’ve seen enough to say that Social Line Connect demonstrates the promise of socialDeck’s back end. This is a well-engineered app, and if you’re an active Facebook gamer, it’s definitely worth checking out.