Soaring Balloons Popper 3D

Download Soaring Balloons Popper 3D today, the coolest and most talked about Balloon Game in the App Store!

Soaring high above mountains, through a blizzard and even flash into outer space, experience the intensely challenging ride of this hot balloon popping palooza!

The goal of the game is to pop all of the balloons before the time runs out. Each level brings with it more speed and challenge, making your power-ups a must!

*CLOCK Balloons help slow down your game speeds, giving you more time to reach your balloon popping goals

*Clustered balloons give you a TURBO charged balloon spawn rate, giving you the needed balloons before you reach the end of your air race.

*Flashes of fire fill your screen when you set off a BOMB balloon! These babies can pop tons of balloons with a single tap!

*But WATCH OUT for SKULL Balloons, for they will reduce your balloon popping count.

*GORGEOUS 3D Visuals with State-of-the-art HD graphics!

Whether you are a baby, child, junior, adult, or senior, you will love to fly through the levels in this challenging shooter game. Download Soaring Balloons Popper 3D today and enjoy hours of endless fun!!!

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