SnowXross 2 HD

SnowXross 2 will challenge you with insane cross-country snowmobile racing, reward you with lots of achievements, and excite you with insane physics bashing terrain. If you are up for a challenge, you will definitely have fun with this one.

✓ Build Custom Tracks
Use the level builder to create, save, load, and edit 10 custom tracks. Make your own snowmobile tracks with custom jumps, cliffs, etc.

✓ Real-Time Multi-Player
Real-time race against a player on a second iPhone/iPad/iPod on up to 50 global leaderboard tracks or on your own custom track.

✓ Race Replay
Two computer racers replay your previous two races on each track to give you some competition.

✓ Two balance control schemes: Vertical Slider or Tilt to Balance.

✓ Game Center Global Leaderboards and Achievements.

♦ Two 10-Track Packs (twenty race tracks)
♦ Level builder with 10 custom track save slots
♦ Race Replay
♦ Real-Time Multi-Player
♦ Rag-Doll wipe-out physics
♦ Game Center Global Leaderboards

♦ Three additional 10-Track Packs

NOTE: To race against a player on another device, you must have one of the following:
1) Have BlueTooth enabled on both devices and be within BlueTooth wireless communication range, or
2) Have Wi-Fi enabled on both devices, both devices can connect to the same Wi-Fi router that supports local peer-to-peer networking (default on most home routers, but not on most “Internet cafe” routers). OVER-THE-INTERNET CONNECTIONS ARE NOT SUPPORTED AT THIS TIME.

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