Snowboarder Itch

It is not every day that we can enjoy the thrill of snowboarding. We lose the adventure when the snow melts. Well, guess what? There is another way to experience that addictive snow rush again! Lil G the Snowboarder needs your help to survive in her snowboarding adventure. Help her avoid obstacles and cliffs. Together, the two of you can collect snowflakes and advance to higher levels! Lil G and this extremely addictive mobile game will set off the thrill seeker in you. Gear up, and let’s ride.
It’s easy to play:
-Collect the snowflakes to get higher points!
-Get a bigger bonus each time you pass a level!

But be careful! The trail is tricky!
-Jump your way out of ice caps and broken sledges and scattered poop!
-Be careful not to fall off the cliff!

-Tap the screen to jump
-Long tap the screen to jump higher

What are you waiting for? Start this fun and exciting snowboarding adventure with Little G the Snowboarder now!

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