Prevent the Snaptox from filling the screen!

Blow them up by tapping 3 or more of the same color. If there are no Snaptox aligned, just swipe your finger across the screen to swap their positions.

Filling the green progress line will get you to the next level.

There are some special pieces:
– the ‘siren’ generates a nasty effect on the screen, and can not be moved.
– the ‘padlock’ won’t fall further than its initial position. Use the bombs to eliminate padlocks as soon as possible, allowing the Snaptox above to continue falling.
– the ‘bomb’ removes the Snaptox and special pieces around it.
– the ‘radiation’ removes all special pieces from the screen.
– the ‘clock’ speeds up the frequency with which Snaptox fall, which increases the difficulty level.


– Infinite levels

– Multiplayer mode (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)

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