SnapCall Sports

SnapCall Sports brings social gaming to live broadcast sports. Predict plays, team strategies, referee calls, and more. Compete with friends and the entire viewing audience and prove beyond a doubt that you can see the future. Let’s face it, every sports fan thinks they can call plays. SnapCall makes you the armchair quarterback.


Unlike static prediction games that ask the same few questions over and over, SnapCall Sports is produced by professional sports writers who fire off questions LIVE – as the action unfolds so you never know in advance the questions, the responses, or the timing.

In addition, our sports writers provide high quality game commentary between questions so you get a fresh perspective on the action beyond the broadcast.


STEP 1: Turn on your TV and tune in to your favorite team*.

STEP 2: Open SnapCall Sports on your iPhone and see what games your friends are watching. Join a SnapCall “Shootout” with your friends who are watching the same game (or play solo if no friends are around).

STEP 3: Call plays in real-time by answering questions launched at the entire viewing audience by our staff of sports writers. Stay alert and be quick because you and your friends will be tested throughout the sports event. Will the pitcher last another inning? Will the QB return to the game after a hard tackle? Will the leader choke and duff it off the 18th tee? Will this pitch be off-speed or a heater?


– Answer real-time questions related to “on-field” game action.
– Predict outcomes just before they occur.
– Respond correctly and win points and more importantly bragging rights.
– See how your friends responded to each question.
– See how the audience responded to each question. Were you smarter?
– Get ranked against your friends and against the entire viewing audience.
– Get ranked and rated for the entire season by sport.
– Chat with friends one-on-one during games.
– Group chat to stir up the action.

* Coverage and schedule will vary. Check the weekly schedule posted within the app.

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