Snake Dice – Play free with buddies / friends

Experience the thrill and excitement of casino gambling with Snake Dice!
Snake Dice is an exciting new twist on the gambling genre and destined to be an instant classic.
Play for Free against Live Opponents for Chips.
Push your luck to win and play your cards right with bombs to rise to the top!

Playing couldn’t be easier:
– Select how many Chips you want to bid.
– Search for an Online Opponent.
– Roll the dice.
– Choose to either hold and bank your Turn Score or push your luck and roll again to win!
– Roll a one and you’ll lose your Turn Score.
– Roll two ones and you’ll lose your Total Score.
– Use a Bomb to undo a bad roll just when you need it.
– Rolling a Double is worth Double Points.
– The first player to 100 Points wins the Chips!

– Play online against random opponents
– Play the Casino in offline mode
– Instant matchmaking system
– Play the Casino and Online Opponents for Chips
– Receive free Chips and Bombs each day you come back
– Use Bombs to undo bad rolls
– iPhone 5 support

Download for your iPhone today and start winning!

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