Snake Cubed

The classic Snake game comes bursting into the third dimension with this stunning, high definition app.

Snake Cubed is a fresh take on the iconic genre. Navigate your snake over the 6 faces of a rotating 3D cube, eating bricks and growing as you do. Try and eat as many bricks as possible before crashing into your tail!

Customize the cube to create your perfect game of Snake. With over 120 different level combinations, you choose exactly how the game should be played. Slow and relaxing? Fast and frantic? The choice is yours!

Snake Cubed Features:

● Highly addictive retro experience, with a refreshing twist.
● Steer your snake through 120 different level combinations.
● Stunning HD graphics and 3D animations that take advantage of the iPhone 5 and iPad retina displays.
● Intuitive touch controls that make using the application a breeze on both iPads, iPhones and iPods.
● Extremely relaxing. Calming music and sound effects make every game a euphoric experience.

Settings Overview:

Control Schemes
● Touch – Touch the edges of the screen to turn the snake.
● D-Pad – Use the on screen buttons to turn the snake.

Snake Speed
● Crawl – For those who want to relax and unwind.
● Slow – New to Snake? You might want to start here.
● Normal – A medium speed that provides a good challenge.
● Fast – Dart around the cube at lightning speeds.
● Hyper – Turn the dial up to 11 with this crazy speed.

Cube Sizes
● Small – Better suited to slower speeds. Can you fill the cube?
● Medium – An average sized cube that works well for every play style.
● Large – So much more room for activities! Speed your snake up and get ready for a hectic game.

● None – The cube is completely empty.
● Dizzy – Make your head spin as you constantly turn left and right to avoid the walls.
● Lanes – Squeeze through the narrow lanes to move around the cube.
● Cross – Quick turns and tight manoeuvres are needed to avoid these crosses.

● Show – The inner cube is opaque.
● Hide – The inner cube is invisible.

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