Smoke Your Tires

“The game provides a visceral pleasure — especially once you master avoiding the walls and burning nice tight smoke-filled circles that do not involve blowing up your car. While there are plenty of racing games that involve you know, racing, there are few enough that reward the player for making the car do things that it was not designed to do, and this is one of them!

“We give Smoke Your Tires a solid Thumb’s Up!”—Chris Boots-Faubert,

The Smoke Your Tires game is a multi-level iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application featuring iconic tracks in the real racing world. Customize your car, and then get the feel of smoking your tires on an actual ISC track. Players can make never-before-seen-on-apps 360⁰ spins, the difficulty of which increases by graduating levels. You can all but smell the smoke!

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