Smiley Smilou Summer

********** Special Edition for the HOT HOT SUMMER **********

Version 3.0 with new game features, even more FUN and more ADDICTIVE:
1. Added crystal ball and annoying rocks which occur in later levels
2. Added bomb and magic potion as tools
3. Adjusted game scoring system to make the leaderboard more competitive!!

Smiley Lines is a fun arcade-puzzle lines game to kill time. Fairly easy to start, yet not that easy to beat your friends’ highest score, and you cannot help replaying!

– Add support for global leaderboard via Game Center
– Super simple UI and rule: tap or drag a ball (smiley face) to make a line of the same color
– 8 levels with increasing difficulty (Look for the SECRET ball in level 7 and 8!)
– Casual with no time pressure (Yet be strategic with your each move if you want to hit high scores!)
– Resume your last game at any time so that you never lose your progress
– Possible to undo your last move
– Optimized app resource – a much smaller app with more features!

The original name of the game “Smili Smilou” is inspired by the English word “Smiley” and the French expression “Voili voilou”, which is a casual and rhythmic way of saying “That’s it!”.

Programming: Jiajing
UI Design: Ye

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