Smiley Lines

★★★★★ Over 500,000 downloads on AppStore, loved by many users! ★★★★★
★★★★★ “A fun and classic game with great UI and finishing” – ★★★★★
★★★★★ “SUPER FUN AND GREAT GRAPHICS” – user review ★★★★★

********** Special Edition for the HOT HOT SUMMER **********

Smiley Lines is a fun arcade-puzzle lines game to kill time. Fairly easy to start, yet not that easy to beat your friends’ highest score, and you cannot help replaying!

– Support for global leaderboard via Game Center
– Super simple UI and rule: tap or drag a ball (smiley face) to make a line of the same color
– 9 levels with increasing difficulty (Look for the SECRET ball in level 7 and 8!)
– Casual with no time pressure (Yet be strategic with your each move if you want to hit high scores!)
– Resume your last game at any time so that you never lose your progress
– Possible to undo your last move
– Magic tools to help out when you are stuck
– Optimized app resource – a much smaller app with more features!

The original brand name of the game “Smili Smilou” was inspired by the English word “Smiley” and the French expression “Voili voilou”, which is a casual and rhythmic way of saying “That’s it!”.

Programming: Jiajing
UI Design: Ye

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