Smiley Bop

“The smiley faces are adorable and the game’s simple and fun!! Kids love it”
– Wickedsmot

“This app is great keeps you busy helps with reflexes.”
– Zytotoautoyou

“Great app! It’s simple yet challenging and is great for all ages!”
– Thalljr90

Need something to do before class, on the bus, or when you’re bored? With levels that last only 30 seconds, Smiley Bop provides engaging entertainment when you only have a few moments to play around. Sometimes the smileys are chaotic and fly randomly across the screen. Other times they organize themselves and move steadily across your display. Every now and then you’ll encounter a big bad boss smiley but, with some quick tapping, he shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Complete all the levels to unlock survival mode, then score as high as you can to unlock prizes and share with your friends. Welcome to the world of smileys!

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