Smile*Man (British) in the U.K.

***** NEW! Smile*Man European Series *****

Available now:-
… Smile*Man (British) in the U.K. ..
… Smile*Man (Deutsch) in Germany …

• Customized for each Country with local content and language support.
• New Keyboard styles with special character support.
• New Statistics page shows details of correct words in each category.
• New Hint Generator displays letter hints if you need help.

**** More Countries coming soon! ****

***** Smile✰Man *****
A Fun, Challenging, Exciting game with Cool Crisp Animations and Funky Music!
Smile✰Man is Fun and Addictive!
… Select a Category …
…. Go! … The timer is running …
… Touch letters to spell the hidden word …
… Try to beat your High Score! …
… 9 Wrong answers and “OH NO!!” try again …
… Watch out for that crazy Devil✰Man! …

WARNING: Smile✰Man is rated “E” for Educational!
(Be careful, you might learn something new!)

“If you like Hangman you will love Smile✰Man!”

***** Are you Learning English? *****
***** Smile*Man British is a fun way to improve your English Language Skills! *****
***** Great for English Study *****

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