Smile Transformer

Are ready for the Smile Transformation?

Make sure you match the correct teeth shape and don’t make your
friends angry!

For the most current updates and to join the official Show
Off Your Smile iphone secret competition (free), visit us at:

– Free game without any limitation
– play offline
– Fun game and entertainment app available for ALL AGES
– Awesome background music

– Secret competition
– Take a photo or use photos from your albums or camera roll
– Automatically detects faces in photos
– You will then need to position it appropriately to create your own
Smile Transformer character
– Create as many Smile Transformer characters as you like

Rules :
– Match the correct teeth shape and earn combos
– When there are 2 spots light, tap twice on the correct teeth shape
to earn extra combos
– Your character gets angry and loose all combos if you pick the
wrong teeth
– Collect special items, be quick, and go for the higher score!
– Create Smile Transformer characters for yourself and friends,
share on facebook/ twitter and don’t forget to tag their names!


Invisalign was first introduced to Hong Kong in 2002 and Hong
Kong was one of the first Asia markets that offered to general
public commercially. The Invisalign system is the core product of
Align Technology Inc. which is based in California USA.

Align Technology, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, California,
was founded in March 1997 and is listed in NASDAQ, to develop
a new generation of high technology orthodontic products.
The invisalign® System uses cutting-edge 3D computer
graphics technology to design and manufacture customized
orthodontic appliances (“aligners”). Developed as an alternative
to conventional “wire-and-bracket” orthodontic therapy, the
invisalign® aligners are virtually undetectable, easy-to-use and
comfortable to wear. To date, over 1.4 million patients worldwide
experienced invisalign.

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