Smash your Buddy!

Are you ready to Smash your Buddies?!
With Smash your Buddy now you can!
Take a Friend’s picture from your Photo Library or with your Camera. You can also choose a picture from the profiles of your Facebook friends!
You can challenge your friends by publishing on their Facebook Walls your results.

Enjoy also to challenge the world with the GameCenter Leaderboard.

What are you waiting for? Have fun with Smash your Buddy!

NB: No one of your friends, even the hated ones, will really be harmed :D


-Charming FunFair graphic with full support to Retina Display
-Amazing and addictive SoundTracks.
-Social Networks functionality with Facebook Connect
-Support to GameCenter Leaderboard
-Removable iAds
-Full support to iOS Multitasking


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