Smash Santa HD – Free Christmas Game

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Want to catch Santa with a lot of Gifts?What u need to do is TAP TAP TAP!!!!! Catch the flying Santa before he runs away with all of your gifts!

When you tap on the flying Santa, you will collect all the gifts that he has…but watch out because Santa keeps coming. The difficulty of the game increases the longer you have been playing.

Download Smash Santa HD while its FREE!


✻ Highly entertaining for kids boys & girls
✻ Full support for the iPad & iPad Retina display.
✻ Beautiful graphics.
✻ Cheery Christmas music.
✻ Catching flying Santa has never been this fun and harmless.
✻ Several Santa to smash
✻ Tap on the Flying Santa to collect the Gifts
✻ Just only 3 lives
✻ Different Types of Gifts
✻ Difficulty Level will be increased according to the Time

so, to collect unlimited gifts this Christmas all u have to do is ……. TAP TAP TAP!!!

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