Smash Monster

Just use your finger to smash every monster who appears in your screen and get higher scores. There are 7 types of monsters: vampire, frankenstein, mummy, worm woman, skeleton, werewolf and the giant spider. Some monsters are tougher than others and you need to smash them more than once. Others may divert from your finger.

Have fun smashing monsters while testing reflex and coordination. Perfect for all ages! Tired of smashing the same ants over and over? Give a break of Ant Smasher and try the best Smash Monster!

*** FEATURES ***
✔ Many types of monster to smash!
✔ Do not touch the monsters hunter!
✔ Beautiful graphics! Cute and fun monsters!
✔ 2 special modes for young players can be acquired: your little kids can play alone for hours in STRONG and ENDLESS modes.
✔ Game Center integration.
✔ It’s FREE!

★ “This game is great for kids. I play myself and get addicted, lol!”
★ “The graphics are excellent and it is easy to play!”
★ “Challenging, funny, creative, simple at the same time!”

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