Smash’em Snow

It’s you with a shovel versus a bunch of snowman, who will win?! Whack’em to find out! Except for those “oh so in-love” snowman couple, let those pop on their own… or you can whack those too for a bonus once they start melting! Just whack those other snowman to be safe. Try and see if you can keep up as you progress! Keeping a steady pace is the key, do not rush it! Whack them with your friends or for best world score in three leaderboards.

* Frantic Gameplay
* Kid’s mode and 2 stress level modes
* Snow and snowman everywhere
* Cool voice and sound effects
* Winter background music
* Global leaderboards
* iPad and iPhone 5 ready

* Whack the snowman before they melt or you’ll lose a life.
* Whack them multiple times if they start shivering!
* Whack them when they are melting and get few bonus point!
* Watch out for the snowman couple or you’ll loose a life and lots of points!
* You can whack the in-love couple once they start to melt!
* You get a new life at each new level, if you run out it’s game-over!

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