SmartGo Kifu

SmartGo Kifu transforms your iPad into a Go board with a library of 60,000 professional game records and 2,000 problems. Study master games, solve problems, play against the computer, and record you own games.

SmartGo Kifu provides an innovative way to replay games. In addition to replaying games move by move, you can view each game as a series of figures, with diagrams automatically illustrating comments and variations. SmartGo Kifu comes with 30 annotated games that showcase this capability, and you can import your own games.

– 60,000 professional games
– 2,000 Go problems on the go
– 30 annotated games (in English)
– Joseki and fuseki analysis
– Tree view for easy navigation
– Record your own games
– Import and export games
– Use as a Go board for two human players
– Replay games and explore alternate sequences
– Annotate moves, edit game info
– Guess Next Move
– Tutorial with over 100 problems

Computer Play:
– Strong game engine
– Fast response (adjustable)
– Automatic handicap adjustment on 9×9, 11×11, 13×13
– Manual choice of handicap and board size up to 19×19
– Track level per user
– Computer resigns when too far behind (can be turned off)
– Territory estimator
– Hint
– Undo
– Replay

SmartGo Kifu is designed as a versatile tool for Go players who want to study professional games, practice Go problems, record their games, as well as play against the computer. If you’re new to Go or just want a quick and challenging game against the computer, please check out our popular SmartGo Player app.

Go is also known as igo (囲碁), wéiqí (围棋), or baduk (바둑).

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