Smart Way HD

★ Innovation in board games ★

Smart Way HD is a highly addictive strategic turn-based puzzle game. A variety of levels which pick your brain and offer more fun as the game progresses.

The goal of the game is to outmaneuver and outsmart the super-clever characters that are trying to escape the game board by placing obstacles around them. Easy, you’d think, but the characters are clever and your task gets harder as the more demanding levels host different bonuses, just waiting to be picked up by the escaping characters.
Collect an average of 2 artifacts per level to unlock the next world.

Carefully designed and developed AI resulted in a highly intelligent and sneaky opponent creation which introduced a definite innovation in the board games community.

– “…challenging and addictive game!” – BUG, computer magazine

– “…nice and not easy at all!” – NEXT LEVEL, game magazine

– “…this game is extremely addictive and challenging making it a perfect iOS game…” – MacTrast

• 3 different themes (Meadow, Ocean, Desert)
• 6 different characters
• 75 interesting levels (with more incoming)
• different board sizes
• 5 bonus fields – multi move, teleport, jump, obstacle destruction, destruction within radius
• 3 different theme songs
• pinch gestures
• custom zoom levels
• level completion purchase option (for those levels which just seem unsolvable)
• ad removal option at the bottom of the main menu

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