Smart Aliens Premium

★ Play the First SOCIAL HANGMAN ! ★

Challenge and trap your Facebook friends to find as many words as possible and become the smartest alien of the galaxy.

Participate in the “Smart Aliens” contest to decode the messages sent from Earth.
Accumulate the maximum number of coins to upgrade your alien with traps, super powers and medikits.

★ Premium version features ★
✓ Unlock exclusive alien
✓ 4000 additional coins
✓ More traps and health kits
✓ Ad free

✓ DUEL Mode: Challenge your friends in a turn-by-turn game.
✓ ARENA Mode: WARNING! ADDICTIVE GAME! Play against 3 other aliens in real-time!
✓ FACEBOOK: Connect with Facebook, invite and challenge your friends.
✓ ALIENS: 6 crazy aliens are available.
✓ TRAPS: Assured victory by trapping your opponents with the lightning, the psycho keyboard or the kidnapping.
✓ SUPER POWERS: Upgrade your alien with super powers to reveal letters at the beginning of a round, block lightning or resurrect from death.

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