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“… the most addictive game of the year.. Smagnetron.” –

” If you are a fan of physics-based puzzlers, then Smagnetron is definitely one you should check out.” –

Drive the Smagnetron spaceship through 100 levels of stellar physics-based puzzles with your ability as a single resource to overcome the obstacles that arise on your way.

Embark on a beautiful and absorbing journey through the Universe and explore new constellations, discover Smagnetron!

Move Smagnetron through 100 galactic levels by tilting your device. Defy gravity and propel Smagnetron on the right direction by interacting with g-spinners, ejectors, injectors, g-inverters and random jumpers. Reach the end of the level quickly and collect crystals to earn more points.

• 100 levels spanning 5 distinctive Constellations: Ursa Major, Cassiopeia, Taurus, Pegasus, Scorpius.
• Hypnotic ambient soundtrack and cool electronic retro sound effects
• Beautiful and clean retro space visual style
• Full Retina & 4-inch screen support.
• 12 single-player achievements & leader-boards with Game Center integration

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