Slurpy the Frog

Slurpy the Frog is an activity book designed for preschoolers 3 to 5 years old. It helps your child learn concepts such as shapes, sizes, relationships, and facts about the world.

This activity book includes over 100 pages with colorful and unique graphics. Pages are ordered randomly once the game starts. Progress is saved so the player can pick up where they left off. The player can optionally start over at which point the pages are shuffled again.

Players are periodically rewarded with a “game within the game” that is sure to trigger some giggles and keep them motivated at the same time.

Kids 3 to 5 can easily play by themselves as instructions are spoken out loud and no reading is required. It is also ideal for spending quality time playing with your little one.

The game is intentionally kept simple, yet elegant. The animations are gentle and easy on young and precious minds.

Designed by parents for their own kids, tested by more kids and teachers.

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