Slug Bug Counter

Slug Bug Counter is a fun travel entertainment.
– Touch the little green slug bugs on screen and their headlights flash.
– Twirl your finger over a slug bug and the headlight will glow until you stop twirling.
– Sight a real slug bug and increase the counter.

Who knows how many slug bugs you’ll see on each trip? Now you will. Hey one of the slug bugs won’t light, can you determine which one?

It’s fun for adults and great to entertain kids with too. Appropriate for all ages. This is sure to be one of your favorite amusements no matter what your age. This single counter is also a handy utility gadget to track repetitive events.

– Simple and intuitive controls
– Touch activated flashing headlights
– Touch-n-Twirl glowing headlights
– Audible button ‘click’ feedback
– Ten-digit counter

Slug Bug Counter is all three-in-one:
1. On-screen Touch-n-Twirl entertainments.
2. A fun road game.
3. A useful utility counter.
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