Slots O Fun V4.5
Las Vegas Slot Machine

Slots O Fun starts you off with a $100
credit. Touch the bill acceptor to increase your credit by $100. But, the bill acceptor only works after every 50 slot spins.

Touch BET ONE to bet $1, $2, or $3, then touch SPIN REELS.

Touch MAX BET to automatically bet $3 and spin reels. Shake the iPhone/ipod touch to place a MAX BET.

3 Blue 7’s on the payline HITS THE JACKPOT ($7000)!!!

A SPIN symbol anywhere on the payline allows you to SPIN the Fortune Wheel and win instantly!

If the payout is taking too long, just press MAX BET.

Touch the “i” button in the lower left to change settings. The Sound button turn the game sounds on or off. The New Game
button resets the credits back to $100.

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