Slots Agent

*** The #1 Slots RPG adventure! Try it today! ***

You feeling lucky, Agent?

Slots casinos run by terrorists have been popping up in cities around the world. Your mission is to find the casinos and stop them from spreading. But beware of bosses and other agents along the way who will try to stop you!

* Travel The World – Travel to dozens of amazing cities around the world with many more to come!
* Boss/PvP Battles – Unique Challenge mode where you compete against bosses or other players in a timed battle!
* Weekly Tournaments – Compete in weekly tournaments to win rewards and prove that you are the Top Agent!
* Play With Friends – Sign in to Facebook to play with friends and save progress across all of your devices!
* Tons of FREE Coins and Diamonds – Many ways to collect free coins and diamonds including free coin bonuses, daily rewards, tournament rewards, share rewards and more!

Note: this game is for entertainment purposes only and no real money can be won in this game

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