Slot Machine Mafia: Taking Las Vegas

Take over the Oasis casino with three premium slots, special keno, an adrenaline filled tournament, progressive bonuses and tons of mini-games!

Arm yourself with a huge in-game mafia and arm them with weapons from the Barrels of Fun gun shop. Head to the casino and start putting them to work!
Participate in 8 different mini-games, big brawls with arch enemies, picking bonuses, war and more!
Millions of SatBucks and VIP points are ripe for the taking!

*Three premium slot machines with special bonuses
*Free keno game with secret present awards
*Progressive slot tournament with MACHINE GUN WILDS!
*8 mini games in the Oasis Casino for endless sat bucks and VIP points!
*Updates will unlock more areas in the casino with more mini games and jackpots!

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