This is an application that lets you enjoy “Slitherlink” puzzles, famous from the puzzle magazines.

Slitherlink is a logics puzzle similar to Sudoku, where you have to think carefully to solve each puzzle bit by bit. There are only two simple rules: “connect the dots to make a circle” and “the number of lines has to match the number on the board”.
While the premise is simple, it’s also full of depth and you’ll be surprised by the many different ways you can solve the puzzles.

This is the perfect application for people who want to keep their brains in shape, or spend some high quality time. Do give it a try!

Full of High Quality Puzzles
The problems contained in Slitherlink have all been created by professional puzzle makers. You won’t find any of the unfortunately typical problems of other puzzle games, such as bland computer-generated puzzles that have more than one solution, verbose hints and require too much trial-and-error. Each puzzle is carefully hand-crafted to be as enjoyable as possible.

Download Additional Puzzle Packs
When you’ve finished all the puzzles that come with the application, there are still more puzzles out there for you to solve! At the moment, there are over 100 additional downloadable puzzles with an estimated play time of over 80 hours for amateur players, or 20 hours for intermediate puzzle-solvers. More puzzles are also constantly being added.

Pleasant Controls
We gave our utmost to create a very pleasant and easy-to-use control system. You can choose between three different control systems: a simple and easy to use tapping mode, a drawing mode that lets you use your finger as a brush, and the reliable flick mode, which has very few mistaken inputs.

Welcoming to Beginners
The first time you play Slitherlink, an easy-to-understand tutorial will appear and explain how the game is played. There is also an answer-checking function for those big-board, complicated puzzles.

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