Slingit Golf

Welcome to Slingit Golf!

A Simple to play hard to master golf game that is fun for all ages.

Controls are very easy, simply touch and hold your finger on the screen over the golf ball, pull back, line-up your shot then lift your finger up to let it rip!

Slingit Golf now features four amazing courses to challenge your skills. Rocky Mountain, Ocean Breeze, Quarry Ridge, and Downtown Par 3, each with unique qualities. We will be adding new courses as fast as we can. Slingit Golf Keeps track of total strokes, Par score, and the Top 10 Scores for each course.

Thanks for playing and please enjoy our candy!

Slingit Golf Features:

– Simple Sling Shot Controls
– 4 Custom Courses – 18 Holes Each
– Fly-Over Hole View
– Total Strokes and Par Scores
– Front and Back Nine Best Scores
– Wind and Other Natural Hazards
– Mulligan’s
– Restart Current Hole
– Top 10 Best Scores for each course
– Progress Saved per Course
– Full Zoom and Pan
– Facebook SSO support, post Eagles, Hole-In-One, and Round Scores to your wall

Practice up! What we have in the oven now will revolutionize golf in 2012!

New features and additional courses are already in the works so get it while it’s new! The price of admission will go up. If you have any issues please contact us at

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