Slingball Zombie Run

There’s been a viral outbreak in the city of epic proportion. Now the city is infested with zombie-like creatures

The president himself has given the order to nuke the city in the hope of containing the virus and destroying the zombie-like creatures

There are still those within the city who have not succumbed to the virus and remain every bit human – but they are running out of time. Those who are left must make a mercy dash thru the city in an attempt to outrun the zombie-like creatures and avoid being bitten by them.

The only hope…a SAFE HOUSE where an EVAC CHOPPER awaits to evacuate them safely away from the city before it is nuked.

Game Features:
•Scrolling background.
•Standard and Host Zombies.
•10 Human Characters.
•Time based spawning.
•Single and Combo hits.
•Scoring against normal and combo hits.
•An eyeball to hit zombies.
•Successful game completion animation
•Game ending story with text.

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