Slidy is a puzzle where all tiles have to be pushed into ascending sequence left to right and top to bottom. It has many extra’s:
– ‘Render as’ ‘Numbers’, ‘Digits & alphabet’, ‘Fractions’, ‘Inches’, ‘Time’, ‘Roman numerals’, ‘Binary’, ‘Octal’, ‘Hexadecimal’.
– ‘Grid size’ (3 to 6) x (3 to 6)
– The 3 best times and move counts are recorded for each ‘Grid size’ and ‘Render as’ pair.
– ‘Denominator’ from 1 to 16, or ‘Random’.
– ‘Factor’ from 1 to 16, or ‘Random’.
– Unlimited stepping back and forth while solving a puzzle.

‘Grid size’ and ‘Render as’ turn Slidy into a game for all ages.

‘Render as’ ‘Numbers’ with ‘Grid size’ 3×3 enables the game for everybody. But ‘Render as’ ‘Fractions’ in a 6×6 puzzle is really tough, believe me!

‘Factor’ with ‘Numbers’ is your fun companion to exercise multiplication tables.

‘Inches’ provides quite a challenge and exercises the imperial number system still in use in large parts of our globe.

‘Binary’, ‘Octal’ and ‘Hexadecimal’ are playful roads to an elementary or advanced knowledge of these number systems used by each computer.

Tap anywhere left, right, above or beyond the empty spot to slide the tiles to the empty spot.

The ▦ ? ◂ ◃ ▹ ▸ and ⚙ buttons provide ‘New’, ‘Check’, ‘Rewind’, ‘Back’, ‘Forward’, ‘Continue’ en ‘Preferences’ functionality.

The ‘Slidy’ team wishes you loads of fun with this old game in a brand new jacket.

Find us at and send any suggestion, remark or correction to

Have fun!

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