SlideBeats is a fun, new, creative, and challenging 2 player music memory game you can play anywhere with your friends!

Challenge each other’s memory by recording and sending beats back and fourth!

Each player has 3 lives and a number of items they can use to help keep them in the game, switch up the style or add different sound effects to their beats.

“It’s like Simon Says but except with music, bright lights and you get to confuse your friends.”
-Some guy

“I love SlideBeats!”
-Some girl

“It’s a great multiplayer game!”
-Another guy

Did I mention it’s free? What are you waiting for?! Download right now!

A project brought to you by SpaceBar.

If you run into ANY issues, or if something just doesn’t seem right, or have a suggestion, or just want to say hi. Please shoot me an email at:

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