Sliced Bread Lite HD

What’s the best thing since sliced bread? The delicious game Sliced Bread Lite
for your iPhone and iPad, of course!

Sliced Bread Lite is a fun and addicting action game that puts your slicing skills to the test, and it’s free!

Slice and dice all the bread, bagels, and scrumptious baked goods that you can, but don’t hit the Angry Fruit or it’s game over!

Sliced Bread Lite features two delicious game modes – Classic and Timed, along with slicers, eggs, and all the ingredients needed to whip up something fun to eat. Bakers can also divvy up the new donuts and cupcakes!

Sliced Bread Lite is a tasty treat for the whole family. From kids to moms to hungry dads, this delicious diversion has all the ingredients for a game anyone can enjoy in snack-sized bites, and has awarded it the prestigious APProved Badge!

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