SlenderMan’s Forest FREE

This is the FREE version of the famous “SlenderMan’s Forest” game which fans say is THE CLOSEST YOU CAN GET TO THE COMPUTER VERSION!!

Get to play the first of 3 maps for FREE and get a taste of what awaits you once you are ready for the full experience!


Full Experience:

Here are some players’ quotes:

“I want full game definitely will get.”
“This best slender man game on smart phone”
“I snuck out of bed in the middle of the night and took my iPod and downloaded this game then I screamed!”
“This game is fun and scary! Worth every penny! I do recommend it! ”
“Dude I love this game I play it all of da time! Five stars!”
“give me NIGHTMARES And day mares I will be so scared that I’ll always think about him and never go by the woods”
“This game is really scary! It’s the best slenderman game on the App Store. I’m going to be the full version!!”

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