SleepyMoon HD

The perfect bed time game for your little ones!

Sleepy moon is an interactive lullaby, which with its choice of soothing traditional lullaby tunes and relaxing graphics it will help send your little angels off to sleep in no time. If they’re not quite ready for sleep yet, it also contains a couple of simple educational games to keep them occupied while you relax!

Sleepy Moon includes:

– An interactive world for your child to explore simply by touching the screen
– A magic sheep (other animals are also available)
– 2 simple pattern recognition games to help your child’s development as they play
– 11 different lullaby tunes to chose from
– Built in sleep timer so that when your child goes to sleep, so does the game.


– To change the lullaby, tap on the moon once
– To play the games, tap twice on the animals hiding in the woods

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