Sleepy Birds

Great Game – ★★★★★ by Etible Cheese -Great game… love the concept.

Nice! All levels completed! – ★★★★ by leonalwt -Very interesting game with cute birds. Soothing background music too.

★★★★★ by Amy and co – Just downloaded sleepy birds as it was highly recommended to me as a fun and addictive app! Within minutes my 6 year old daughter was hooked and me too! Great game an absolute must have!!

so fun! – ★★★★★ love this game!

Hello all & Welcome to the wonderful world of Sleepy Birds.

Across the world there lives many birds, and every night they meet up together and fall asleep to get some rest as they get very tired flying around all day.

Now its your job to help them get to their right resting place. Each sleepy bird is colored and have their own color that they sleep on… you have to move them to their correct color so that they can relax and fall asleep.

You can move 2 birds at a time by tapping on one bird and then tapping on another that is beside, above or below it. Birds will move by swapping places with each other.

However, you must be careful because once a sleepy bird gets to their correct color, they fall asleep and wont move from their color! You can only move them from side to side along their color.

As night falls they get very sleepy and you have to get all the sleepy birds asleep before it gets past their bedtime…

See how many you can get asleep! Good luck!!

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