Sleeping Sheep

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Were there long sleepless nights for your troubled mind?
Was there a time when even the hot bath and the warm milk trick failed you?
Then the Sleeping Sheep is just for you the sleepless.

Did you have a rough day? Listen to the soothing music while you count the playful sheep scampering around the peaceful pasture. Your anxieties and complicated thoughts will surely be comforted.

Sleeping sheep is easy. Simply tap the screen before the sheep run into the fence. Then, the sheep will bleat and leap into the sky. If your fingers get tired of tapping the screen, just go back to the title page. You can enjoy the game by simply watching the sheep springing over the hurdles to the background of calming music.

Don’t you think that your sleepless child could also benefit from Sleeping Sheep? It’d be even better for children who’ve just started learning how to count.

We hope that Sleeping Sheep will be a pleasant way to wrap-up the day.

✔ 3 Beautiful background sceneries, pasture/cliff/clouds
✔ Different background music for different sceneries
✔ Cute sheep with distinct characteristics
✔ Smooth transition and animations between screens
✔ Brightness controlling function to be easy on your eyes

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