Slaughter: Bloody Sticks Slayer

Not Another Cruel Corp. is looking for a strong and ruthless candidate for a challenging Senior Slayer position.
Wanna do what you love and get paid for? Work with us as a Bloody Stick Slayer, be The Slaughter and drink tea!
Join us and make our world brighter!

Our motto: To Kill and Thrill

Filthy sticks disposal
More challenging chambers according to your learning curve

Wide range of killing machines: drills, bayonets, spikes, chainsaws and more
Variety of tricky waste: normals, sprinters, armored
Paid unlimited overtime
Personal Limited Thrillastic Drill 5000 Edition included
Guaranteed Impunity
Free shrink on-board

Strong back and heart
Likes blood
iOS 4.0+

Send your resume to:

More info:
– Dozens of chambers to be cleaned
– NeverEnding mode
– Gamecenter’s Leaderboards and Achievements

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