Slash Or Die

★In case of iPhone or iPod touch, must be the device that has retina display (iPhone 4G, iPod touch 4 or later device)★

In the future, the mankind is faced with every threat they can imagine; Revolt of the Mechanics, Alien invasion, Rampancy of the Ghosts, Reincarnation of the Demons.
Hopelessly outgunned and unable to hold off, the mankind is in need of the ‘Lethal Weapon’; The immortal sword-master, ‘BLADE’!!
BLADE, who was tired of eternal life and never-ending time, once left human civilization and locked himself up in rocky mountains.
Now, excited to face new enemies, BLADE dashes out to save the world!

★New type of running action!★
– Using the slider, accelerate to attack forward and slow down to attack backward.
– Hack ‘n’ Slash through enemies from front and back!
– Reach incredible speed by facing forward to accelerate!

★Stylish action!★
– A well-timed attack will inflict more damage.
– Accurate attacks and fast running speed will grant you with higher Gear, which increases your attack level.

★4 enemy races, 22 kinds of monsters★
– 4 kinds of distinctive enemies; Mechanics, Aliens, Ghosts, Demons.
– 22 kinds of monsters and 5 types of attacks.

★Various level backgrounds★
– 24 stages of different themes.
– Enjoy the moving background like a road movie!

★Character Power-ups★
– BLADE will get stronger by achieving higher level and eating more foods.
– 5 types of stats : POWER, DEFENSE, SPEED, JUMP, SPECIAL.

★Exhilarating story!★
– Hilariously funny plots!
– Comic-style cut-scenes!

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