Slash Monsters

Destroy the deep sea invaders and save the ocean!

Slash Monsters is a free marine action game in cartoon-style where all kinds of mutant monsters are lurking deep under the sea to invade the Planet! Can you slash them all before it’s too late?

Everyone already knows that the ocean is in danger, but now the sweet starfishes are extinguishing even faster, and not because of pollution! Some nasty pink octopi are after them and they’re not coming alone! Jellyfishes, worms and even sea urchins want to kill these helpless creatures!

At the power of your fingertip, slash your way through the multitude of different monsters to avoid this carnage. Many awesome combos will help you earn more pearls and unlock new achievements. You can also compete with your friends on who is the most lethal slayer!


– 6 challenging worlds – 36 adrenaline-pumping levels
– 4 different aquatic enemies:

-the Octopus: the most pink of all your enemies;

-the Jellyfish: breaking down in smaller enemies before dying;

-the Sandworm: constantly gets in your face, just waiting for beheading;

-the Urchin: invulnerable unless you cut out all its spikes!

– Swiping your screen has never been so much fun!
– Infinite Replay Value: can be played for 2… or 200 minutes!
– GameCenter supported: Global Leaderboard, 22 achievements to unlock
– Compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad

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