SlapJack Real 真實襟棉胎

SlapJack Real got the “Certificate of Merits ” in Smartphone Application Development Contest 2012, jointly organised by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

SlapJack Real is the most realistic slap jack (heart attack) game on iOS:
‧ the device is effectively a deck of playing cards
‧ flip the device as if flipping real cards
‧ support unlimited number of players

Two game modes are supported:
1. Traditional Mode: For card flipping, players take turn to flip the iOS device.
2. Friendly Mode: Cards are flipped automatically. Players can set the duration of flipping.

Get SlapJack Real to challenge the reaction time of your friends!

Caution: Be careful of slapping hands and your device!

真實襟棉胎在 智能手機APP開發比實 2012 中 取得優異獎。該比賽由香港大學電子及電機工程系與香港青年協會聯合舉辦。


‧ 翻牌的手感
‧ 打人的痛感
‧ 毛手毛腳的快感
‧ 一家大小,朋友聚會,和心上人一齊玩樂的開心感!

1. 傳統模式:玩家需要反轉機器然後擺正以達到翻牌的效果
2. 友善模式:機器自動翻牌,玩家可設定翻牌的時間

1. 震動機器開始或終止遊戲
2. 顯示啤牌:反轉機器然後擺正

1. 小心您的機器給打爛
2. 小心咸豬手

Special thanks to Terry Law for the idea.
特別鳴謝: 構思: Terry Law

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