Slap the Mosquito

The Mosquitos are coming, are you ready? You must protect your pet monkey from their swarms. Tap, squash, splat and slap them as you make your way through this fast paced game. Each level requires quick fingers as you tap your way to victory.

As you travel the world there are 6 unique cities to visit. Each city has a unique view with its own set of challenges. Battle against the various mosquitos, from the speedy yellow mosquito to the engorged blue, each mosquito has its own strengths. Slap the Mosquito will require quick fingers and even quicker thinking.

This game is perfect for kids who just can’t keep their fingers off your phone and tablet. With varying difficulties this game is perfect for any age who just wants to tap, tap, tap away.

Unlock the entire game including all 75 stages for only $1.99, and see just how many swarms of bugs will try to get in your way.

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