Slap Cotton HD

An Amazing New, High-Tech Slap Cotton game! Now, you no longer slap the cotton by your hands! It’s just out of the ordinary and beyond the tradition!

Slap Cotton allows you to “Slap” on your own. You can enjoy this funny game whatever, whenever and wherever you are. Meanwhile, it is a family game which allows at most 4 players at a time. With its smooth and modified gameplay, you can be sure to get lots of fun from the start. As you arrive to the more difficult play-mode, you’ll need to pay more and extra attention to advance!

Sweet Features!
Free free FREE!
Play your way! – Slap Cotton lets you play at your language (Chinese/English/Japanese/Mandarin) and at your level (3 levels)!

Play from multiple devices! –Have an iPhone and an iPad? Slap Cotton is available for both — link your accounts and play with both devices!

Interact! – You may play alone but would be great to play with 3 more people!

Unlimited Start over
Easy to learn, easy to master
Custom cards, buttons, and chips designed specifically for this application

Made by dedicated developers who care about you

衾棉胎 – 玩法:
將52張牌平分, 依序出牌, 出牌時將自己一張牌翻開放在中間, 並同時喊數字1, 第2個人翻牌時喊2, 把牌繼續疊放在中間, 依序最多喊到13以後下一個就恢復喊1。翻開的同時, 如果發現喊的數字和翻開的數字(其中A=1, J=11, Q=12, k=13)相同時,所有玩家就要立刻朝中央的牌堆拍下去,最慢的人就要把中央的牌堆的牌都收回去。如果有人搞錯而「誤拍」,則同樣要將所有的牌收回。

iphone/ipad版本經過改良。玩家手指需放在iphone/ipad上, 直至喊的數字和翻開的數字相同, 朝中央的牌堆拍下去, 反應慢的玩家會平分所有的牌。「誤拍」/「誤放」則同樣要將所有的牌收回, 或 從每位玩家取一張牌。

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