Sky Cowing


★★ AppCraver: “Sky Cowing Proves an Enjoyable Game That Won’t Cost the Farm” (9/10) ★★

★★ iPhoneAppCafe: “Silly, Fun And Addictive – What’s Not To Like?!” ★★

★★ Average review (version 1.0) = 4.5/5 ★★

Who said cows can’t fly?
Once upon a time, a brave cow chose to shape her own destiny.
Welcome to “Sky Cowing”, where cows dare…

Sky Cowing is a funny and very addictive game in which you play the role of a legendary cow, named “Burlina”, who had taken up skydiving as a hobby.

In ★ COWING IN THE WIND ★ mode, help Burlina during 100 seconds of exciting and crazy free fall. She need to stock up with bonus (hay and grass) and to extend the flight time catching squawking ducks and inhaling big bottles of helium.
But… be careful!! Many pitfalls lie in wait: junk food, teasing flying pigs, dangerous anvils, storms and many others weird situations.

In ★ COWING IN DREAM ★ mode, control Burlina during a bizarre dreamy free fall. Yes, “dreamy”, because Burlina is just dreaming to free falling! Help her to extend her dream, while she’s dreaming being Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix and many others music and movie stars!

Key features:
– “Farm Stuff” section to learn more about the game characters!
– Game Center!
– Post your scores on Facebook and Twitter!
– “Career” section keeping track of your personal best scores and game statistics!
– Retina display support for incredible graphics experience on iPhone 4!
– Original country soundtrack!

For more info about the game:

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