Skull Smasher

Tap to smash groups of skulls while rocking out to an original heavy metal soundtrack in this frantic match-three!

EVIL SKULL BOSSES: Decimate colossal boss skulls as they fill up the screen and mess with your bone-crushing plans! Smash their underlings to sap their demonic mana!

LOADS OF POWERUPS: Arm yourself with a bevy of explosive powerups to aid in your vast skull obliteration including:

☆ An Iron Bomb that explodes out in a radius of destruction ☆

☆ A Plasma Grenade that destroys all skulls of the same type ☆

☆ A WW2 bomber that carpets the screen in destruction! ☆

GAME CENTER: Game Center Enabled with leaderboards for all three game difficulties (NORMAL, HARD and NIGHTMARE) and achievements to earn!

ROCK ON: Set to an original, head-banging musical score composed by the heavy metal duo ‘Hertzangst’!

LIFE AND DEATH: As the screen fills with skulls you will lose life blood, when it’s all gone you die!

BLOOD BATS: Tap on the blood bats that fly out of the smashed skulls to regain lost health!

SCORES OF LEGEND: Increase your bonus multiplier and pull off massive feats of destruction to rack up impressive scores!

PLAY FOREVER: The longer you play, the harder it gets! Play for as long as you can stay alive!

Can you defeat the colossal bosses as you traverse level after level of destruction? Play for as long as you can stay alive!

☠ Note: Not yet compatible with 2nd Gen (or below) iPhones and iPods ☠

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